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  • Exploring “Ancient Egypt: World of Pharaohs and Gods” opens at the Jinsha Site Museum in Chengdu; Acoustiguide multimedia tours available onsite and online; Jan 24 2017 Mehr
  • Acoustiguide worldwide is strengthening connections with the community of Art, Culture and Heritage in China through a host of visits and encounters.... Dez 08 2016 Mehr

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  • MUTEC 2016
    MUTEC 2016 Nov 10 2016 - Nov 12 2016 Leipzig, Germany Mehr
  • MPT Expo
    MPT Expo Sep 14 2016 - Sep 19 2016 Chengdu, China Mehr


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  • "But perhaps the most involving element is the app, which also allows you to track your progress by collecting Panem Passport stamps and also contains special hidden content that can only be activated at specific locations...." Dez 22 2016 Mehr
  • Roma Aetena at the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. Watch video! Dez 20 2016 Mehr

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