Biographien der Geschäftsführer

Israel Gal
Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

As of March 2016, Israel Gal has entered his role as Executive Chairman of the Acoustiguide Group Board of Directors.
Mr. Gal has served as the CEO of Acoustiguide Group (formerly Espro-Acoustiguide) from 1997 to February 2016, growing it from an OEM manufacturer into global multimedia technology company. He has overseen many acquisitions, including the acquisition of Acoustiguide Corporation in 2005 which formed the Acoustiguide Group, and the purchase of Tristan Interactive in 2013. Incorporating Tristan Interactive (today: Acoustiguide Interactive) into the Group brought Acoustiguide to become a prominent DEVELOPER and provider of Mobile Apps for the Museum, Tourism and Entertainment industries worldwide.
In 2015 Mr. Gal has founded a Joint Venture that created and formed Acoustiguide China (Jiashan), the Group's new entity in China.
Israel spent 20 years in the Israel Defense Forces, retiring as Colonel. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration from Bar-Ilan University and a Master's degree in Political Science and Jewish History from the University of Haifa. In 2012, Mr. Gal was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland for his contribution to promoting the Polish culture in the state of Israel, after bringing alive a unique and heroic story of turning the Warsaw Zoo into a haven for Polish resistance and persecuted Jews during WWII. At the present time, Israel is devoting much efforts in bringing alive the forgotten heritage of the Jews of Tianjin, China, and commemorate the one synagogue left in this city.

Nadav Karni

Nadav Karni joined Acoustigude in 2003 and served as CFO till 2012. He had a leading role in Acoustiguide Corporation in 2005 which formed the Acoustiguide Group.
In years 2012 till 2016 Nadav served as CFO of two medical devices companies - one for Home use HomeSkinovations Ltd and the other for professional use Invasix Ltd.
Nadav returned to Acoustiguide in 2016.
Prior to joining Acoustiguide in 2003, Nadav worked as senior manager at Ernst & Young for six and a half years. In his management role at E&Y, Nadav was responsible for dozens of companies, some trading on Israeli and foreign markets.

Nadav received his Bachelor's degree in business management and accounting at the College of Management.

Oshrat Balul

Oshrat Balul joined Espro in 2011.

Prior to her current position, Oshrat has held the position of CFO in Redstone Real Estate Investments, a private real estate development company operating in CEE and CIS regions; the position of CFO in Leader Real Estate International, (international entrepreneur company which is part of the traded Shrem Fudim Group in the TLV stock exchange); and Audit Senior Manager in Ernst & Young Israel, experienced in financial and tax consulting for public companies all over the world. Oshrat is a CPA and holds a B.A. in Business Management.

Shmuel Shalem
Technischer Direktor

Shmuel Shalem ist einer der Gründer von Espro und ist verantwortlich für alle Aktivitäten im technischen Bereich, von der Forschung und der Entwicklung bis zum kompletten Design der Produkte des Unternehmens.
Bevor er im Jahr 1992 Espro gründete, arbeitete Shmuel Shalem acht Jahre lang für National Semiconductors Ltd. in Israel. Hier leitete er ein Team von Chipdesignern und Softwareingenieuren, die für die Nachprüfung von neuen VLSI-Computerprodukten verantwortlich waren.
Shmuel Shalem machte seinen Abschluss als Master of Science in Elektrotechnik bei der Santa Clara Universität in Kalifornien, mit einer Spezialisierung in Computertechnik, digitalen Systemen und Mikroelektronik. Er erhielt darüber hinaus einen Bachelor-Abschluss (BSEE) vom Technion, dem Israel Institute of Technology.

Menachem Schorr
Vizepräsident, Leitung Vertrieb und Content

Menachem Schorr kam 1998 zu Espro. Davor arbeitete er als Finanzdirektor für eine israelische Handelsgesellschaft. Er war auch Direktionsassistent bei der Tefahot Bank, einer der führenden israelischen Hypothekenbanken, und war dort für den Bereich der Stadt Tel Aviv und des israelischen Zentralgebiets zuständig. Schorr hat einen Bachelor-Abschluss in Wirtschaftslehre und studierte Betriebswirtschaft an der Universität von Tel Aviv. In seiner Managerrolle bei Espro arbeitet Menachem Schorr als Vertriebsleiter und Vizepräsident.

Eyal Ben Gigi
Leitender Geschäftsführer

Eyal Ben-Gigi kam 1994 zu Espro und ist verantwortlich für die Abteilung Einsatzleitung und Technischer Support des Unternehmens. Davor hat er als Chef des Produktionsteams in der Systemabteilung von Tadiran gearbeitet. Eyal Ben-Gigi hat seinen Bachelor-Abschluss in Management und Wirtschaftslehre an der Open Academic University in Tel Aviv gemacht.